About Us

Identification IconTerraNet was originally founded in the Silicon Valley of California and provided services to residences and small businesses in the Bay Area. Ultimately the politics and cost of doing business in such a place proved too onerous for the owners and they have consequently moved TerraNet to Southeastern Kentucky-- about as far away as one can get in terms of culture and politics. Our expertise is now available to the residents of Laurel County and the surrounding areas.

We have over 15 years of experience across a variety of computing platforms including Windows, MacOS and many different distributions of Linux. We have worked in private residences. We have worked in home offices and small businesses alike. We have assembled computers. We have upgraded computers.

We have repaired computers. We have designed and deployed small networks. We have built custom routers and network attached storage machines. We have terminated cables and punched down ports. We are experts in the field of general purpose computing. On more than one occasion it has been said, "We are the folks people call when their children cannot fix it."

 Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 10-6¹
Sat - Sun: On-Call¹
Off-Hours: On-Call¹
Holidays: On-Call¹

¹On-Call rates apply at the time of dispatch. A technician dispatched at 6:00 does not qualify as on-call, a technician dispatched at 6:01 does. Whether a tech is going to be dispatched at the On-Call rate or not will be disclosed prior to dispatch.