Support IconOur services cover a wide array of topics in the field of general purpose computing but could be summarized into three distinct categories: Network support, desktop support and custom hardware. Each one of these fields comes with its own set of quirks and requires experienced diligence to efficiently resolve applicable issues.

Desktop support is our most frequent request and encompasses the majority of support requests we receive. This would include anything regarding your personal or business computer that is not immediately related to its ability to communicate on a network. Services such as data recovery, data backup, system upgrades, system maintenance, hardware repair, malware removal and software configuration all fall squarely into the category of Desktop Support.

Network support covers the ground between computer-a and computer-b, the infrastructure across which machines communicate with one another. This includes subjects such as routers, switches, ethernet, WiFi, firewalls, intrusion detection, network interface cards and the installation, configuration or removal of network specific devices. Configuration of network attached storage, web servers, mail servers, directory servers and network capable printers is Network Support.


Custom hardware is the final category of the services we provide and covers us working with the customer to spec, price and build a piece of computing hardware. A majority of the time, this piece of computing hardware is a desktop personal computer, but we also have experience in building purpose built machines including a variety of servers, network attached storage boxes, routers and firewalls. We warrant and stand by our hardware, providing an extended period of service with every machine we sell.