Keys IconA lot of information is transmitted via e-mail that is both personal and confidential. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that anyone who has privileged access to an e-mail server [or any number of the hops in between] has access to anything and everything in your e-mail account- the least of which might include passwords to other services. Should you wish to communicate with us by safer means, we have provided some relevant information so that you may correspond with us via e-mail and know that only the intended recipients are involved.

To achieve these ends the Helpdesk recommends GPG and Thunderbird using the Enigmail plugin with GPGShell as a frontend.

Public Keys

4096R/D538A321 Matt Bangert
2048R/673C5ACD Terra-Net Developers
2048R/E90851F6 Terra-Net Helpdesk


pub   4096R/D538A321 2017-01-15
      Key fingerprint = 9320 6AA7 6C97 2FFE B8AF  019B 3D20 A2C6 D538 A321
uid                  Matt Bangert (M.W.B.)

pub 2048R/673C5ACD 2017-03-05 Key fingerprint = 1192 BB07 455B B81C DB5F F316 9D65 1F37 673C 5ACD uid Terra-Net Developers

pub 2048R/E90851F6 2017-03-05 Key fingerprint = 75FD 32A0 0F4B 8CB5 AF47 BF83 17B9 B991 E908 51F6 uid Terra-Net Helpdesk

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