Globe IconTerra-Net Helpdesk is a consortium of information-technology professionals who have pooled their resources and knowledge to provide highly personal, exceptional quality services to homes, small offices and businesses of London Kentucky and the surrounding cities and counties.

We believe many, especially in the small office and home office environments, are apprehensive about contacting technical support services for a multitude of reasons:

  • It is difficult to contact the appropriate department
  • It is difficult to consult the same person twice
  • A lack of communication leads to redundant troubleshooting
  • Support seldom deviates from cookie-cutter suggestions
  • Support has historically been of poor quality
  • Strangers have access to important or sensitive data

We strive to develop a familiarity with our customers, giving them the ability to consult with the same representative consistently rather than shuffling them between work queues and departments.

We offer professional service at competitive rates, so contact us with any technical problems you or your business may be experiencing.